Behavioral Health & Rehab: Keeping Both Their Spirits and Bodies at the Highest Level of Function

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Course Overview


  • Identify causes/risk factors of behavioral health issues due to social isolation from COVID-19
  • Identify the role of rehabilitation to work with individuals with behavioral health issues
  • Educate community staff and caregivers on routines, activities and meaningful activities to improve quality of life and maintain residents highest level of functioning

Prior to the COVID-19 public health emergency our residents lives were filled with group dining activities, games or crafts with friends in the common room, therapy, group exercise classes and frequent visits from loved ones. Their routines came to a screeching halt with the COVID-19 public health emergency. Our residents became restricted to their rooms or apartments, their meals began to be delivered, therapy and exercise became minimal and social activities were stopped. Visitation from loved ones has been restricted; some are able to visit via window visits or social distancing while others have been communicating via Facetime.

The necessity to protect our residents from exposure to the virus has led to unintentional consequences as a result of social isolation. This presentation will focus on the behavioral health issues that are increasing due to social isolation from the COVID-19 public health emergency and how rehab and community staff and caregivers can work together to establish an individualized, person-centered plan to keep our resident’s engaged in meaningful activities to keep them functioning at their highest level of functioning and improve their quality of life.