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Residential Care/Assisted Living Administrator Course

This new updated course is designed to assist future administrators of assisted living facilities who will take the Idaho administrators licensing examination. Completing an approved course and passing the examination are required in order to receive an administrator’s license in Idaho. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the responsibilities of an assisted living administrator.

What You Will Learn From This Course

The IHCA Residential Care/Assisted Living Administrator Course introduces future assisted living administrators to five important domains of practice:

  • Resident Care Management
  • Organizational and Leadership Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Physical Environment Management
  • Financial Management

Course Instructions: Please read carefully

  1. Begin with “Residential Care Administration Introduction.”
    This material gives information about Idaho requirements for licensure, how the course is organized, quizzes, final licensure exam. technical committee, and Idaho laws and rules.
  2. Proceed to Module 1, “Residential Care Management”
    Download and study the PDF document and take the quiz at your convenience. You will not be allowed to proceed to Module 2 until you pass the Module 1 quiz. As you progress through the course, subsequent modules become available once you have completed the requirements of the previous module.
  3. Read each module’s PDF document.
    Each module’s PDF document contains information that is pertinent to that module’s quiz. You will need to download the document before having access to the quiz. In addition, you will need to have a PDF reader installed on your computer to view the documents.
  4. Be familiar with the course material before taking the quizzes and final exam.
    A grade of 80% or better is required before you will be allowed to start the next module. If you don’t achieve a 80% or better, you will be allowed to take the quiz again. Six (6) attempts are possible.
  5. Take quizzes for Modules 1 – 5.
    To start a quiz, click on the “Quiz” link below the documents for each module.
  6. Take Course Completion Quiz.
    Once you have completed all of the modules, start the final quiz by clicking on the “Course Completion Quiz” link. The final quiz covers topics from all modules.
  7. Fill out the Evaluation Form.
    To help us improve this course, fill out the optional evaluation form.
  8. Print certificate.
    Once you have completed all the modules and the final exam, print a certificate of completion for your records indicating that you have successfully passed this course.

Course Introduction